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Employee Relations

A great deal of our work involves providing employers guidance concerning current employment compliance obligations, or suggestions concerning personnel decisions. We routinely speak with human resources and corporate employment law professionals, concerning technical, strategic and tactical questions. We also devote substantial effort toward the design and maintenance of systems that reduce compliance risks in key areas such as:
  1. Leave management – FMLA and state law compliance
  2. Accommodation – ADA and state law compliance
  3. Harassment management – training, investigation, internal compliance tools
  4. Selection – minimizing failure to hire or promote exposures
  5. Restrictive covenants – managing behavior by former employees
  6. Affirmative action plans – maintaining Executive Order compliance
  7. Policy preparation

Given our specialization, we are typically able to provide clients with tools, tailored to their organizations, and proven through experience with other employers across the country.

Several of our lawyers have held in-house human resource or employment counsel positions. We strive to remain very sensitive to what employers need and the most efficient way to provide that value.

In the employee relations area, a phone call to one of our lawyers to get another opinion can save tremendous costs down the road. A call to the firm concerning processes, a policy, or a compliance issue can avoid the client having to devote time and resources reinventing the wheel.