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Billing Practices

These commitments are applicable to legal matters handled by Matthews & Greene for all clients.

Billing Arrangements

Since Matthews & Greene was founded in January 1999, we have been able to offer lower hourly rates than other employment law firms because, although we are staffed with talented lawyers, we are more efficiently organized. We leverage technology and avoid non-productive payroll and overhead expenses. Our hourly rates vary with the attorneys experience and area of specialization. Generally, our rates are approximately 35% less than firms with comparable talent.

In this endeavor, we have considered a variety of alternatives to the hourly-basis billing methods. Alternative billing arrangements may result in sharing both the risk and reward.

The following are examples of the kind of arrangements we offer:
Flat phase-based or task-based fee: We are paid up to a predetermined fee for representation in a particular matter or for the performance of a specific phase or task.

Blended or fixed hourly rate: All lawyers assigned to a particular matter are billed at the same hourly rate, instead of different rates based upon the experience of the various lawyers.

Volume discount: Reduced hourly rates upon commitment to direct a particular volume of business to Matthews & Greene.

Contingency fee, or reverse or defense contingency fee: We are paid a specified portion of any recovery obtained for the client in a particular matter. In a defense matter, we agree as to the amount of your realistic potential exposure. Upon the conclusion of the matter, Matthews & Greene would be paid a specified portion of the difference between the exposure amount and the actual amount, if any, recovered from you.

Fee partnering: Fee partnering is accomplished by paying Matthews & Greene a reduced rate for representation in a matter with the understanding that a bonus would be paid in the event we obtain a “favorable result.” Client and counsel would reach an agreement as to what would constitute a “favorable result” at the outset of the representation.


Matthews & Greene does not seek payment for disbursements which are properly treated as firm overhead. Reimbursable disbursements are charged at actual cost. Actual cost is defined as the amount paid by Matthews & Greene, net of any discounts, to a third-party provider of goods or services.

Computerized legal research: Computerized legal research is normally not a reimbursable disbursement. The exception is when our provider charges the firm for searches beyond the scope of our normal search area. We have been able to negotiate a very favorable rate with our computer research provider (approximately 50% of the normal law firm charges), and we pass those savings on to you.

Messenger service and overnight mail: These expenses are generally reimbursable. However, Matthews & Greene will make all reasonable efforts to deliver the materials more inexpensively, for example, as attachments to e-mail.

Photocopies: Matthews & Greene does not normally charge for photocopies. The rare exception would be for large copying projects sent to an outside copying service.

Long Distance Telephone and Facsimile Transmission Charges: Matthews & Greene does not charge for long distance telephone charges or facsimile transmission.

Matthews & Greene will never charge for the following services and items because we consider them to be overhead:
  • Secretarial services (including overtime)
  • Proofreading
  • Bates stamping
  • Librarian services
  • Word processing
  • Computer printing
  • Postage
  • Temporary help
  • Office filing
  • Office machine attendants (photocopy or fax “tending”)

Travel Expenses

Matthews & Greene will seek reimbursement for necessary and reasonable travel expenses only. We will make all reasonable efforts to limit travel (for example, in litigation matters, many “local rules” allow for counsel traveling from outside the particular county to appear telephonically at case management conferences and the like) and avoid overnight stays.

We will seek out the lowest rate available on all airline, hotel, and car rental reservations. We will comply with your company’s policy regarding travel expenses, if furnished to us.

Travel Time

Matthews & Greene does not charge for travel time. Travel time includes local travel (e.g., to/from court or deposition) and long distance travel.


We know your organization selected Matthews & Greene on the basis of our expertise and experience. Accordingly, prior to commencing representation in a particular matter, we will discuss with you the specific professionals who will be primarily responsible for handling the matter. Our lawyers and paralegals have expertise in specific substantive areas and this knowledge will dictate assignments. We will staff all matters efficiently, and a matter will normally be staffed by one attorney only. If a staffing change is necessary, Matthews & Greene will not charge for any “learning time” that may result. Because we are all employment lawyers with years of “big firm” or corporate practice, our invoices do not include time spent educating ourselves on the substantive law.