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Get It?

We have been contacted by lawyers who would like to work with our group. We are very interested in continuing to expand the breadth of our organization, but only with the RIGHT contributors.

We are purely focused on management employment work and banking work. Our lawyers have specialized expertise in the employment area. In addition to other industries, we support over 300 community banks across the country. In 2014 we spun off our insurance defense team which at one time consisted of 55 contributors in seven offices. We found the relationship with insurance carriers to be problematic. Instead we have concentrated on our core competencies, with a clear plan to grow again, but this time leveraging “lessons learned”. We have the opportunity to take advantage of the limitations impacting large traditional firms, including their excessive billing rates and inefficiencies.

As we evaluate candidates, we have coined the term "does he/she get it?" What we mean is whether the candidate understands which traditional law firm practices are inconsistent with the needs of their clients. Does the candidate recognize which of these practices cause the “best and brightest” attorneys to leave? Only those individuals who understand the “disconnect” will be offered the opportunity to work with us.
To determine whether you agree with us, please answer the following questions:
  1. Do you agree that billable hour requirements promote excessive client fees?
    [  ] Yes [  ] No.
  2. Do you agree that adding layers of “supervisory attorneys” frequently only contributes to excessive client fees?
    [  ] Yes [  ] No
  3. Do you agree that frequently work is assigned to the lawyer with available time as opposed to the most competent and efficient lawyer?
    [  ] Yes [  ] No
  4. Do you agree that frequently managing partners focus on maximizing short-term revenue, as opposed to investing in technology and systems to increase cost effectiveness?
    [  ] Yes [  ] No
  5. Do you agree that frequently managing partners reward attorneys for hours billed instead of work quality or client satisfaction?
    [  ] Yes [  ] No
  6. Do you agree that firms should invest in attorney training-development instead of art collections?
    [  ] Yes [  ] No

If you "get it" and have a strong management employment law background, we would like to communicate with you. Feel free to contact, in strict confidence, Steve Greene at or 770.206.3371.