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Matthews & Greene limits its practice to providing labor and employment law advice to private sector clients. We represent international, national regional, and local clients in a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, financial services, technology, engineering, construction, hospitality, and manufacturing. Our clients maintain operations in all 50 states. Our day-to-day work includes the following:
  • Employment Litigation. We assist clients defend claimed violations of the federal, state, and local statutes prohibiting various forms of employment discrimination. We vigorously and enthusiastically defend our client’s interest as cost effectively as possible. These matters include selection, compensation, harassment, discipline, and accommodation issues that commonly arise in the workplace. We maintain relationships with other firms nationally to assist in geographic areas where we do not maintain a presence.
  • Employee Relations. We work extensively with clients to review and revise employment practices and policies, train managers and supervisors, prepare affirmative action plans, structure reductions in force and other business reorganizations, and even implement alternative dispute resolution procedures. We are committed to minimizing conflict.
  • Compensation. We advise and represent clients in connection with interpretations of the Fair Labor Standards Act, Equal Pay Act, and similar state and federal laws regulating compensation practices. We conduct simulated audits, provide advice concerning current legal interpretations, and provide assistance during compliance investigations by the state and federal agencies. If litigation is initiated, individually or collectively, we represent clients before the administrative agencies and federal and state courts.
  • Employment Agreements. Increasingly, companies are developing information and technologies that create competitive advantages. At the same time, competitors seek to divert that property. We assist clients in developing individualized strategies to protect trade secrets, confidential information, customer relationships, and employees from improper diversion by departing employees or competing organizations. This work includes development of appropriate agreements, personnel policies, and management systems. We also initiate legal actions, when necessary, to promptly enforce those protections.
  • Emerging Issues. The employment arena and the legal issues associated with the employment relationship are evolving at an incredible pace. Given the nature of our work, we make every effort to stay abreast and, indeed, ahead of these trends. Our work, therefore, also involves responding to new issues.