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Matthews & Greene retains outside law firms to assist us operate our business and our affiliated entity, Employment Law Compliance, Inc. Therefore, we deal with outside attorney fee issues, first hand. Like any responsible business, we do not like surprises when it comes to attorney’s fees, and we do not appreciate not knowing the expected cost of such projects until it is too late.

Given the nature of our work, we are not always able to predict, with precision, the likely cost associated with defending an action, handling a government investigation, or the like. However, given our experience and area of specialization, we certainly know what similar projects have involved, in terms of fees, in the past. In handling litigated matters, we are more than happy to work from budgets and litigation plans where costs are estimated in advance, to the maximum degree possible. We are also receptive to performing other work on a budgeted or project fee basis. We do not believe it is unreasonable for clients to want some level of predictability when it comes to the expenditure of time and money.

We have built an organization on the philosophy that we handle conflict, but we do not intend to exploit those client problems. One way to demonstrate our commitment is to work from budgets and communicate with clients periodically concerning the range of available options, and the costs associated with those various courses of action. We are receptive to taking part of the risk associated with unanticipated complications or inefficiencies.